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Japanese Kit Kat Flavours, mmmm Other flavors include - wasabi, soy sauce, yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, cheese cake, and annin dofu

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Kit Kat shop Osaka, Japan OMGOMG I NEED TO GO THERE!!! I'd go crazy and broke when I visit it....

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Just tried all these flavours of Japanese kitkats. Wasabi was a bit weird, but green tea (matcha), almond tofu (actually a kind of apricot flavour) and strawberry cheesecake were gorgeous. Wish I could try all the other crazy flavours!

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These fiery KitKats are flavoured with wasabi from Shizuoka prefecture. Normally only available to buy in Shizuoka, they can now also be found online at Japan Centre!

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There is something wrong with that man, how dare he not break up his Kit Kat

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