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Blood orange Halloween pumpkin pie

For Halloween, how about this blood orange pumpkin pie from The Great British Bake Off!


The Best Mini Kitchen Blow TorchesWe have all seen the top chefs using these torches to create very impressive looking creme brulees and other toppings. If you want to achieve the same brown, slightly roasted toppings on your desserts, then owning one of these is the secret to that success. These are also great for [ ] The post Best Kitchen Blowtorch appeared first on Love Your Kitchen.


Gordon Ramsay's lemon tart Don't bother with the topping unless you've got a decent blowtorch, ours failed!


KitchenCraft Refillable Cook's Blow Torch: Kitchen & Home

Master Class Deluxe Professional Cook's Blowtorch

Original crème brûlée

made in round blue dish - would be better in shallow dish - added vanilla extract to cream before heating (rather than pod)


Bitter Orange Crème Brûlée

The simple addition of orange zest adds a delightful dimension to this French classic, with tangy citrus notes enhancing the creamy-sweet custard. Home cooks who don't have a chef's blowtorch can easily use their broiler/grill to caramelize the sugar topping. But remember to leave the oven door slightly open and keep watch. A golden sugar crust can quickly turn black if left too long under the flame. This dessert was born of a collaboration between the cellar and the…