Capping off the end of the peninsula with open shelves provides a practical and pretty alternative to an ordinary decorative panel. Stowing cookbooks here makes them easily accessible and more likely to be used.

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This isn't a real link to anywhere in particular, but the idea is still a good one. To add an extra special touch to your bar/counter area, consider investing in a foot rest bar. Could be purchased from an iron work company (but I'm sure a few of you creative DIYourselfers out there could come up with a way to do this on your own).

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there were several requests for the Farrow and Ball kitchen cabinet colors... We mix all the colors ourselves... so we would prefer they not be published...

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For efficient flow, leave between 42 and 48 inches (106.68 cm and 121.92 cm) of open area around islands. Typically, for an island to be a useful addition, your kitchen should be at least 13 feet wide (3.96 meters), and the island should be a minimum of three feet by five feet (91.4 cm by 152.4 cm). The layout of your kitchen is important when considering an island. Single wall and L-shaped kitchens usually work well with islands.

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Cottage Kitchen with Kitchen island, L-shaped, Inset cabinets, electric cooktop, Breakfast bar, Pendant light, flat door

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@Josh Bostock this is what I want to put in the kitchen when we move the desk out. I want to buy a piece of the nice project board and stain it. What do you think?

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Wood slab counter top. Beautifully executed wood slab, great, friendly finish for the user. I like the black and chrome chairs, they coordinate well with the stainless steel in the kitchen. The wood slab almost gives you the feeling you are sitting at a table, rather than a counter. Well done.

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