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Love Kiss Rain Umbrella Art Print from Original Watercolor Painting, contemporary wall art illustration home decor

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"Feelings are just that...feelings. You don't have to apologize for having them. The sun doesn't apologize for shining. And the rain doesn't apologize for falling." ;)

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She could hardly contain her excitement or the thunder that was bursting through her. It was screaming and bouncing off the insides of her head wildly. She couldn't push it down any longer. They lips met and then that was it.

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One day.... You know, when my hair's not done and... Don't have on good shoes and... Basically, PERFECT TIMING and PERFECT PLACE.

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Kisses from heaven/ raining dark son so did not hang round, after laying your flowers.So send u a kiss.........❤️ 9.11.2014

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Dancing in the rain. A British summer must! *$@Brittney Anderson Metrick.....FUN?.....LAUGH.....ENJOY!!!!!

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