Espada vikiga representada en una moneda de Eric "hacha sangrienta", rey noruego de York 952- 954 d.C.

Coin of Eirik Bloodaxe. The legend reads "ERIC REX" (King Eric).:Eric Bloodaxe Norse king of York 952 954

The Whispering Wind (The Kingdom of Northumbria) (Volume ...

The Whispering Wind (The Kingdom of Northumbria) (Volume ...

Medieval England. Alnwick Castle guards a road crossing the River Aln. Yves de Vescy, Baron of Alnwick, erected the first parts of the castle in about 1096. It was built to protect England's northern border against the Scottish invasions and border reivers. The castle was first mentioned in 1136 when it was captured by King David I of Scotland. It was besieged in 1172 and again in 1174 by William the Lion, King of Scotland and William was captured outside the walls during the Battle of…

Medieval Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England, built in Ancestral home to the Duke of Northumberland George Percy (who is now dating Pippa Middleton) and Hogwarts Castle set for the Harry Potter films.

LindisfarneFol27rIncipitMatt - Kingdom of Northumbria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Folio from the Lindisfarne Gospels contains the incipit Liber generationis of the Gospel of Matthew. List of Hiberno-Saxon illuminated manuscripts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Viking Silver jewelry: The highlight of the collection is an intricately carved silver cup, estimated to be worth more than £200,000. It contains 617coins and various silver fragments, ingots and rings. Some of the pieces were from as far away as Afghanistan. The treasure is believed to have belonged to a rich Viking who buried it during the unrest following the conquest of the Viking kingdom of Northumbria in 927 by the Anglo-Saxon king Athelstan. The hoard was purchased by 2 British…

Viking silver treasure hoard worth £1m unearthed after 1,000 years

Vale of York hoard Found near Harrogate, England, probably buried around AD 927 This major hoard of Viking objects was discovered in January Its size and quality make it one of the most important finds of its type in Britain.

So my fascination with History leads me to explore how our Queen is related to Queen Victoria I searched the Royal timeline. Going back to the beginning, I discover we had a very interesting King from 1016-1035 humm they never told us about him at school... lol I wonder why. Yep my sense of humour got the better of me

King Egbert House of Wessex, first recognized King of all of England, Queen Elizabeth II's great-grandfather

Oswald of Northumbria was King of Northumbria from 634 until his death, and was venerated as a saint in the Middle Ages. Oswald was the son of Æthelfrith of Bernicia and came to rule after spending a period in exile; after defeating the British ruler Cadwallon ap Cadfan, Oswald brought the two Northumbrian kingdoms of Bernicia and Deira once again under a single ruler, and promoted the spread of Christianity in Northumbria.

St Oswald, crowned as a king. King Oswald of Northumbria, d. 642 - circa 1220 - New York Public library manuscript Spencer folio 89 reverse

Jedburgh Abbey, Scottish Borders, founded by David I of Scotland

Jedburgh Abbey, Roxburghshire, the Scottish Borders, Scotland. Founded by David I of Scotland