Frozen/KH: To Protect by on @deviantART << Awesome comic. I seriously hope to see this in Kingdom Hearts III.

Frozen/KH: To Protect. This is a crossover I will accept that involves frozen.

Thomas Sanders - Zootopia Sora 2

Kingdom Hearts and Zootopia One of Two Favorite a Things from Disney. I hope Zootopia will be in Kingdom Hearts Kingdoms Hearts and Zootopia

Kingdom Hearts / Super Smash Bros. Brawl fan art..... Can this be a thing? Kingdom of Brawl Hearts YESSSS

Its a Kingdom Hearts / Super Smash Bros. I LOVE super smash bros brawl AND kingdom hearts so awesome!

‘Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade Disney Princesses

*Shrugs* Hey, you’ve seen Disney princesses mashed up with pretty much everything at this point, so why not Kingdom Hearts? Check out more characters in the series from Art By Stan below.