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King James Bible History

The national secular society wishes to see Prince Charles legally prevented from having a coronation with Christian elements. Interesting to...

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King James I (1603 - 1625) was the son of Mary Queen of Scots and her second husband Lord Darnley. He was descended from Robert the Bruce, and the English Tudors through his great grandmother Margaret Tudor sister of Henry VIII. His mother remarried , but in 1567 was forced to renounce the throne of Scotland and James became King Jame VI...When Elizabeth I died in 1603 James was crowned King James I of England the first King of the combined crowns of England and Scotland.

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Holy Bible, 1638 - Printed by Robert Barker, London, size: ca. 6 x 3.5 in. The cover is made of silk and silver thread on linen

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...R& this claim proven... seems like historical bullshit! What makes you more intelligent than scholars of past centuries when your very existence is possibly compromised today by their actions...

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Absolutely TRUE!!! I read the book of Maccabees once and it wasn't in no King James (white man's version ) of the bible...KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!!

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Psalm 103:11 KJV

The Quick View Bible » Early Ancestors--I tried to make one of these for BSF last year when we studied Genesis. This would have saved me HOURS of work!!

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"Queen Esther (Hadassah): Noir Bible" by International photographer James C. Lewis

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