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Conjoined twins snake king cobra. This snake was found at a temple in Karnataka. Looks like a creature from mythology .

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Water Parks 2012

This is the King water slide at Polin Waterparks in Instanbul, Turkey. Race your friends, but watch out for the snake!


Sailor King Cobra II Limited Edition. Limited edition pens are often made available with special nibs, but in this case, it is a special nib that has inspired a limited edition pen. Available in just 28 numbered pieces worldwide, Sailor's King Cobra II Limited Edition fountain pen pays homage both to this king of the reptile kingdom and also to the legendary King Cobra nibs originated by recently-retired nib master Nobuyori Nagahara. Our Price: $4270


The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world and can grow to over five metres in length.Although it doesn't have the most toxic venom among snake species, a single bite still could kill up to 30 humans, or a fully grown Asian elephant. However, the king cobra is generally a non-aggressive species which feeds almost entirely on other snakes.