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Glastonbury Tor Since the alleged discovery of Arthur and Guinevere's remains in the 12th century, it has been claimed that Glastonbury Tor stands on the site of ancient Avalon, the island where Arthur died following his final battle against Mordred. Once surrounded by marshland, Glastonbury Tor was virtually an island during the Dark Ages.


Glastonbury Tor, Somerset Levels - © David Noton


Camelot: discovering the legend of King Arthur around Britain

King Arthur's Stone, Slaughter Bridge, Tintagel and Camelford, Cornwall, England (c.5 A.D.) The village of Slaughter Bridge is thought to be the location of Camlann, the site of Arthur's final battle, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth.

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Bird's eye Britain: Amazing collection of aerial photographs showing nation from above released to mark the Jubilee year

Myth and legend: Some believe Glastonbury Tor in Somerset is the final resting place of King Arthur

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The Pre-Raphaelite paintings of King Arthur, the Arthurian Legends, and the Lady of Shalott

The Pre-Raphaelite paintings of King Arthur - John William Waterhouse- Regenbogen - Art & Books

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The mystery of an ancient site in Britain just took another fascinating twist

Archaeologists have discovered the impressive remains of a probable Dark Age royal palace at #Tintagel in #Cornwall. It is likely that the one-metre thick walls being unearthed are those of the main residence of the 6th century rulers of an ancient south-west Briton kingdom, known as Dumnonia. Image:emilywhitfield-jpg

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FREEZE! Time-savers for the holidays

Freeze Your Cookie Dough Ahead Of Time And Treat Your Guests To Fresh Baked Cookies On The Spot ~ an EXCELLENT tip, especially around the busy holidays! You just freeze your batch and then put them in a plastic bag (with baking instructions written on the bag with a sharpie). When you want to bake a batch, AWESOME time saver! Check out the other recipes to freeze too!


Merlin. I also love the fact that Aurelianus is a character in the film "The last legion" who becomes Merlin at the end

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Joseph of Arimathea, Keeper of the Holy Grail

Glastonbury Abbey