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'King Arthur' first look: See Charlie Hunnam (and Excalibur!) on the set of Guy Ritchie's medieval epic | |

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Keira Knightley as Guinevere ready for battle. I think that the Picts could have gone to battle in very light armour such as these, but in the case of the women, the breast protectors would've wanted to protect all their breasts, not to show them off. That's not the aim of a breast protector! Apart from that, it's realistic for a very light warrior.

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King Arthur will have medium length, dark blonde hair and his make up will be natural as shown. The rest of the men including, Lancelot, Merlyn, Mordred, Galahad, Gareth, Gawaine, King Pellinore, Sir Kay, Sir Ector, Agravaine, Sir Bruce Sans Pitié, Uncle Dap, Sir Thomas Malory and Uther Pendragon will have the same natural face makeup.

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Jehan was the first son of her House in sixty years. And he broke under the weight of it - Nevaeh always bears daughters.

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Arthur please come back to us every time someone mentions Arthur dying and merlin never being shown I literally cry. This is so true, Arthur is a friend and we went through everything with him. Why did he have to die???

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From left to right Sir Leon, Sir Percival, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Elyan, Sir Gwaine and Merlin. Rupert Young,Tom Hopper, Bradley James, Santiago Cabrera, Adetomewa Eden, Eoin Macken and Colin Morgan

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Arthur's progression to accepting Merlin's magic. I'm trying to pin this without reading it because it still makes me cry.

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