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Morgana Le Fay: She was either the half-sister or cousin of King Arthur and in some accounts his lover; she was also his enemy and a powerful sorceress


Glastonbury Abbey Ruins | Glastonbury, England | Resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. | I've developed an insatiable interest in English Monarchial history in the past several months and have been watching / reading anything I can find. Interesting fact: Chivalry was a code of honor concerning manners and the treatment of people created and implemented by King Arthur and his knights of the round table? It's what we refer to when we use the idiom "Knight in shining armor."…


Sir Galahad is Brought to the Court of King Arthur - King Arthur's Knights: The Tales Re-told for Boys & Girls. 1911.


Camelot: discovering the legend of King Arthur around Britain

King Arthur's Stone, Slaughter Bridge, Tintagel and Camelford, Cornwall, England (c.5 A.D.) The village of Slaughter Bridge is thought to be the location of Camlann, the site of Arthur's final battle, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth.