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Learning to identify the different kinds of sentences, (statements, questions, exclamations) can be hard for first and second graders. This freebie provides practice in recognizing the kind of sentence each group of words is and practice in writing them correctly using the punctuation mark.


This Scoot Game reviews the 4 kinds of sentences - declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative. Students will have fun moving around the classroom as they determine which kind of sentence is presented on each card. It can be used as a grammar review, practice, or even assessment. I hope your kiddos enjoy this little freebie! Jennifer Kime Creations


Quick idea for a game: SS choose a type of sentence from their partner . Declaratives: Guess whether it is false or true . Interrogative: they answer the question Imperative : Perform the command . Exclamatory : answer accordingly. Any other ideas? Cristina Cabal