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Clay sculptures at the Just So festival

A fantastic outdoor art idea that makes great use of loose parts found in a forest: clay faces on tree trunks!

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Packing Peanut Sculptures and Discovery Bottles - Preschool and Kindergarten Community

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Visit Inspiration

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Sweet Sculpture For Children

STEM FUN - Build it high, build it low, and pop a few in your mouth as you go! Serious 3D fun for kids!

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Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art of Queen Elizabeth II of England that is Perfect for any rainy day for you and your KID.

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Milk bottle elephants! Elmer are beautiful and unique just like you are....this weeks lesson

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Get a Lid, fill it with water pick something from nature, freeze it over night, and look at the great art it makes for winter fun. No Snow where you live? You have a freezer ;)

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Using natural materials found outside to create mandalas is a lovely way to work collaboratively, build numeracy and patterning skills, and create a stunning piece of eco-artwork.

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Make Crazy Pasta Sculptures! A fun art and building project for kids that also helps with fine motor skills.

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