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Kim Kardashian Implants

Woman bares bum. Internet eats itself


Do you see that flat bum on the left compared to the surgically enhanced one on the right? Kim Kardashian still denies butt implants.


Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery (OK EVERYONE LISTEN UP... those crazy proportions are in part due to excessive lipo on her legs and thighs, and telling the doc not to touch her million dollar ass. Well this is the results, crazy and fake, fake, fake. Believe me if she had thick legs, thighs and hips to go with that butt we wouldn't have any trouble believing that ass)


Kim Kardashian steps out in New York looking suspiciously taut


Hardest working leggings in showbiz! Kim Kardashian's curvy bottom

All natural? While Kim's behind has undeniably grown larger, she has angrily denied using implants to achieve the fashionable look

Kim Kardashian covers up while holding Kanye West's hand at lunch

Getting her back up! Kim Kardashian, pictured here on Friday in NYC, recently ranted on Twitter over false reports they were reported of her that she had been using 'butt implant injections'