Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon

Wallpaper and background photos of Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth for fans of Female Rock Musicians images.

The ultimate lady in a male-centric world: Kim Gordon - she thought of Thurston as a feminist until they became parents...interesting

Kim Gordon: ‘Women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass. I refused to play the game’

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth with baby daughter Coco Hayley Moore.

kim gordon

Kim Gordon: this photo i carried with me to the hair dresser when I was 15 years old. Kim, you are my hero.

Kim Gordon

“ LA, 2009 Women In Music exhibition opens Sat France

Kurt Cobain & Kim Gordon. Love these two

Kurt Cobain and Kim Gordon A meeting of minds, 1991 Coolies hang with other Coolies

kim gordon | ... thought, “Well, why not? Nothing else has worked.” - Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth "Girls Invented Punk Rock, Not England"

Kim Gordon #GIRLBOSS

snowce: Kim Gordon, “Female Mechanic Now on Duty”, 1998

Girl in a Band

National Women's History Month: 15 Books about women's greatest achievements, then and now

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon’s memoir, "Girl in a Band" (Feb./HarperCollins) surprised me. I couldn't put the sucka down.