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The BugASalt is a plastic shotgun of sorts that expels a pinch of salt a high speed with the aim of killing flies (or other undesirable insects, we suppose). It works. It’s freaking brilliant! The fly is pierced multiple times with tiny sodium chloride pellets, killed instantly. There’s no splatter, no mess like with flyswatters. Only the thrill of the hunt.

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How to Make a Simple but Effective Fly Trap

Use dish soap to safely kill flies.

My Ultimate South East Asia Bucket List

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Wow someone had put into words how I feel everytime when killing a fly or a moth. I'm a monster and I have to live with it.

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Top 50 rollercoasters

Oblivion Alton Towers scary!!! won tickets x 4 twice so 8 tickets and fasttrack Smiler Tickets with twitter June 2013

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Caracal - (Caracal caracal) is a medium-sized wild cat that is around one metre (3.3 ft) long. The caracal is sometimes called the desert lynx or African lynx, but it is not a member of the Lynx genus. The caracal is native to Africa, Central Asia, Southwest Asia and India. The cat's name comes from the Turkish word "karakulak", which means "black ear".

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