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Swim caps that had to be worn do to the strong chemicals in swimming pools back in the 50-60's, how I hated them.

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Printable quote for nursery walls, Play with fairies, ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids, chase rainbows, printable art, Mini Learners

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Sports Biscuits. I devoured plenty of these little biscuits in my time fishing the soggy remains out of the bottom of my tea cup after dunking. Back in the 70’s they mainly confined sports activities to proper Olympic sports, football, swimming and tennis, to name but a few…

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90s plastic BLOW UP BUBBLE backpack by CATCHINGHALOES on Etsy, kr125.00

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Rap Monster: "Hyung (Jin) get in!!" Jin: "nah.. I gotta get my tan on."

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We May All Be Different… | Teaching Photos - When I become a teacher I will definitely be doing this in my classroom.

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