Bite Size Shrimp Tacos (Prawn) - the mini taco shells are made by draping cut tortilla rounds on the oven rack wires!! Filled with shrimp and a spicy adobo sauce.

One Bite Shrimp Tacos (Prawn) with Adobo Sauce

Bite Size Shrimp Tacos (Prawn) - the mini taco shells are made by draping cut tortilla rounds on the oven rack wires! Filled with shrimp and a spicy adobo sauce. Substitute mayonnaise and sour cream

garden rake wine glass holder

The Lazy Person's Guide to Organizing the Kitchen

GREAT IDEA "Take a look at this Old rake wine glass holder. Who doesn't love a little garden house, rustic style to decorate your wine bar with." This is adorable. And obviously, in my house I'll need a place to keep my wine glasses ;

PVC chalkboard wine rack - I want to make this!

The 11 Best PVC Projects

DIY chalkboard wine rack made with PVC and fiberboard. Two sections of board, cut pvc pipe sandwiched in the middle, chalkboard paint.

Wood plank wine rack

25 Easiest Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Claire from Camille Styles created this simple wine rack with a Forstner bit and a single plank of cedar. Some measuring, some holes, and boom! A wall-mounted wine shelf.

Extension to an Edwardian semi-detached house with a modern back yard

15 Kitchen Pantry Ideas With Form And Function

Giant Window Lite Brite - made from wine rack type thing and water bottles filled with colored water

Playing Big

coyote pt bouteilles - apparently called a lite birte wall using coloured water filled bottles in something similar to a giant wine rack. Could definitely make this for kids classes.

The dining room side of the kitchen peninsula was painted grey to add contrast and disguise dings and spills from three kids eating meals there. Tight-fitting slipcovers on the bar stools are a practical choice as well.

Interior: Casual and kid-friendly family home

Contemporary kitchen with chrome bar stools next to very worn and rustic dining chairs. a lifes design: Causal Comfort.

Mini chicken pot pies

Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies

Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network Kids lunches

A pea-sized kitchen packed with smart storage solutions: In this nook, lots of cabinet space, a coffeemaker, wine cooler, wine rack, bar sink, child-height microwave, and a kids' snack corner. | Photo: Pascal Blancon |

Sensational Space-Saving Kitchens

Craftmade FB60OBG Fredericksburg 60-in. Indoor Ceiling Fan - Oiled Bronze Gilded from Walmart of all places

East West Furniture Quincy Rectangular Dining Set -Table 40 inch inch in Black & Cherry Finish

DIY Bar inspiration for the basement


DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. This is what we need for our Dinning room is a wine rack under neath a "bar". This would be perfect!