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Kid Friendly System Kitchens

from BuzzFeed

22 Genius Tips To Help You Cook More On Weeknights

To see how to make a more complex master meal planning board, and even download tons of kid-friendly recipes, check out this master database by RobbyGirl.

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Fun Classroom Activities and Experiments to Interest Kids in Growing Plants

Bean germination. I think every kid of my generation did this low-tech science experiment in their day.

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3 Weeks of Cheap Dinners, ready in under 15 minutes

3 Weeks of Cheap Dinners, Ready in Under 15 Minutes Thanks to an insanely busy schedule, my husband and I had some really poor eating habits. We know that fast food barely qualifies as food, but ended up in the drive-thru more often then is humanly acceptable. When we started making better life decisions, …

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Grab-and-Go Snack Stashes

Mom bins for school days. The child picks from each bin the number of things on the bin fir their lunch. Many choices...all food groups.


Don't have a low cabinet for your child's dishes? Here's a beautiful solution to provide a toddler friendly kitchen storage

from Organize 365

The Sunday Basket

Professional organizer Lisa Woodruff shares her weekly paper organization & planning tool - the Sunday Basket

from The Country Cook

40 Best Back-to-School Recipes

40 *BEST* Back-to-School Recipes from The Country Cook. Simple, budget-friendly, kid-friendly meals. The Bubble Up Lasagna and Pizza are some of my favorites.

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Chocolate Peanut Date Squares – Vegan & Gluten Free

Chocolate Peanut Date Squares


Vitamin C is necessary to support a strong immune system and maintain good…

When kids come along you spend a lot more time in the kitchen, and wherever you are, they are. Make it easier to share by giving them a little space and adding ways for them to help. Because a child friendly kitchen is a happy kitchen. We built a low bench into the island, perfect for the kids to sit or stand up on while helping out, it’s also a great place to drop the shopping bags.