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Kid Friendly Island Kitchens

Pop-out Outlet Hides The Holes When You Don’t Need Them

If you are a perfectionist in home designs, you might think those always-exposed holes on an outlet are really ugly, but you get nothing to do. Today we have good news for you—it’s Pop-out Outlet—a very eye-catching design. When it is not in use, it will


Kitchen Island pull out. One with marble for baking and one with a vutting board in the second island.


Smart kitchen island in wood with a white countertop - Decoist


Undercounter Refrigerators – The New Must-Have In Modern Kitchens

Undercounter refrigerator drawers have lately become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary kitchens. They're an ideal addition as they don't only


chalkboard kitchen island counter stools / kid friendly kitchen / island space for doodling to keep the kids busy while we cook


Family-Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Blackboard painted kitchen units for less obtrusive chalkboard. Consider using Farrow and Ball Downpipe (emulsion) to match kitchen base units (eggshell) for a seamless finish.


When kids come along you spend a lot more time in the kitchen, and wherever you are, they are. Make it easier to share by giving them a little space and adding ways for them to help. Because a child friendly kitchen is a happy kitchen. We built a low bench into the island, perfect for the kids to sit or stand up on while helping out, it’s also a great place to drop the shopping bags.