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Kid Friendly I Shaped Kitchens

Sliced Apple Coaster Set pattern by Ling Ryan

This is a crochet pattern to create 6 apple shaped coasters and a cute apple shaped holder to neatly store them in. This pattern is written using US terms and includes a chart to convert into UK terms. I have included photographs to help with instructions in the pattern, if you would like a printer friendly version of this pattern, please contact me.


Arctic Ice Sensory Play

Create a frozen tundra in a sensory tub. Ice, water and lots of arctic animals to learn about.

Easy Pepperoni Calzone

Pepperoni Calzones are easy to make with frozen bread dough and the entire family will love this kid friendly meal!


3 Types of Knives for Tiny Chefs — Tiny Chefs

3 Types of Knives for Tiny Chefs — Tiny Chefs

Long before I became a parent myself, the idea of giving children under the age of 10 a knife of any kind seemed dangerous. Now as a mom of two, I know that kid-friendly knives are powerful tools for teaching my children confidence in the kitchen, as well as for keeping them busy while I cook. Luckily, kitchen tool makers have caught up with parents who want to teach their children to cook and now offer knives in different shapes and sizes, and fitted with blades of varying sharpness so that…


Steamed Broccoli with Cheese Sauce


Fresh Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Those are cool chairs! Totally *not* kid-friendly, but I like the two-tone effect. Also, that light fixture is sweet.


70 Things to Do with your Girlfriends BUT this is also just a great list of things to do in general! I will try to do some of these with my boyfriend.


Soft-Serve Ice Cream as Easy as 1-2-3! Banana Cream Freeze Recipe