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Once known as "Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement," he became a true Winchester, truer than the all-but-forgotten Adam. It seems he can't even die like a normal person -- definitely a Winchester.


hehe. I could see that. She walks up to the two archangels and slaps them and starts chastising them and the Winchesters are about to stop her but then realize that the 2 archangels are simply staring at her in confusion and before Michael can kill her Lucifer stops him and says sorry and this would be so fucking cute I might have to write a fic.


A Kevin Tran Home Alone episode....this needs to happen. I would watch this over and over! Too bad it's too late now...*sobs* <<< IT'S NEVER TOO LATE EVER KEVIN CAN COME BACK YOU'RE NOT A HUNTER TIL YOU'VE DIED AND CAME BACK