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Kesar Benefits

👉 Preparation ✔ 1 Glass = Badam Kesar 20% + Chilled Milk 60% + Crushed Ice 20% (No Sugar Required) 👉 Benefits ✔ Helps in the development of brain ✔ Acts as an antioxidant & reduce the risk of heart diseases ✔ Boosts Energy ✔ Helps to enhance memory ✔ Helps to regulate blood pressure

Indore - इंदौर

Benefits of Kesar Pista for Good Health.......... ✔ Refreshing Drink ✔ Can be suitably taken with hot or cold milk ✔ Boosts Energy ✔ Rich in Vitamins & Minerals ✔ Acts as an antioxidant

EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS AND USES OF SAFFRON. Are you aware of the extraordinary benefits and uses of saffron? If yes, kudos to you otherwise read through this post to learn more about it.. #Saffron.


25 Amazing Benefits Of Saffron (Kesar) For Skin, Hair And Health - No.3 Is The Best

Amazing Benefits Of Saffron: The active components in the saffron make our body lose its depressing characteristics making it a dietary necessity sometimes.


Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus, a genus in the family Iridaceae. The dried stigmas are used in cooking as a seasoning and colouring agent. Saffron, long the world's most expensive spice by weight, is native to Southwest Asia. Saffron's bitter taste and iodoform - or hay-like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. Saffron also contains a carotenoid dye, crocin, which imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to dishes and textiles.


25 Amazing Benefits Of Saffron (Kesar) For Skin, Hair And Health - No.3 Is The Best

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Saffron: mellow, yellow, and delicious

Saffron is easy to grow. An expert gives tips for growing and harvesting the fabulous Crocus sativus