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*waits for the NFU and CA explosion* Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a vegan to be in charge of Labour's dealings with Britain's farmers as he announced who will serve in his shadow cabinet.


A vegan shadow agriculture minister is a good move for farming

Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment of Kerry McCarthy has met with predictable criticism, but is a commitment to improved animal welfare and greater sustainability really so strange?


Treat meat eaters like smokers, warns Jeremy Corbyn's new vegan farming minister Kerry McCarthy

Vegan shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs is on a collision course with British farmers


Kerry McCarthy has 'open mind' on farming

ANDREW PIERCE profiles Mr Corbyn's new voice on farming

ANDREW PIERCE profiles Kerry McCarthy who is Jeremy Corbyn's voice on farming | Daily Mail Online

Food manufacturing has been singled out by the new shadow secretary for environment, food and rural affairs Kerry McCarthy.

What happened when we used CrossFit for marathon training

‘Run faster by running less’ may sound an odd notion, but what if you could smash your marathon PB by chopping your mileage? RW’s injury-prone marathon veteran Kerry McCarthy gave it a go.

MP Kerry McCarthy calls for farmers's reps to be banned from police control room during badger cull. It's beyond belief that this is happening in the first place!

Kerry McCarthy Refuses To Back Down On Meat-Eating Dangers

Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy Says Meat-Eaters Should Be Treated Like Smokers In Public Health Campaigns