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Who is Black? Striking Images of the World’s Dark-Skinned People Inaccurately Considered Non-Black

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The Reason This Beefy Dude Wore a Princess Dress to the Movies Will Melt You

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Stonehenge Man -- Forensic analysis of a prehistoric skull gives the UK's most iconic monument a human face. It has been reconstructed from a 5500-year-old skeleton found in the area. Local protest groups continue to press for him to be reburied, but forensic analysis has allowed scientists to create the most lifelike model yet of an individual from British prehistory. Their work reveals how he lived & ate, & may even shed light on the origins of Stonehenge itself. Click through for the…

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Kennewick Man - Wikipedia

Kennewick Man; Kennewick Manis the name for the remains of a prehistoric man found near Kennewick, Washington. The Kennewick coroner, decided the bones were ancient but might not be Native American. Archaeologist explained them as "Caucasoid". The final date indicated an age of 9,000 years, making Kennewick Man one of the oldest and most complete skeletons found in the Americas' resembled South Asians and the Ainu people of northeast Asia'

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