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The original Apollo 13 crew, from left to right: Jim Lovell, Thomas “Ken” Mattingly, Fred Haise. Credit: NASA


Apollo 13 crew portrait with their Saturn V behind, including original CMP member Ken Mattingly, who was pulled from the flight 48 hours before launch and replaced with backup Jack Swigert, due to the possibility of being exposed to the measles.


LIFE image showing the original crew of Fred Haise, Jim Lovell and Ken Mattingly at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston.


The lunar module is being approached for the final rendezvous of the Apollo 16 mission.


Astronaut Ken Mattingly Apollo 13 Training NASA | January 17, 1970

apollo 13 prime crew. jim lovell, jack swigert & fred haise.


Ken Mattingly and Jack Swigert at a postflight party in Swigert’s apartment, April 1970.

Fred Haise (left), Jack Swigert, and Jim Lovell pose on the day before launch. Swigert had just replaced Ken Mattingly as command module pilot after Mattingly was exposed to German measles.<br />


Ken Mattingly - Apollo Space Suit