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A great tip for keeping flies at bay, cut a lemon in half and add cloves to it. Set out in bowls about 30 min before food will be going on the table. The smell with leave your party pest free (at least the little kinds).

In this image, I can see a woman's face has been cut and as it reaches the top of her head, the pieces start to fly away and scatter. This would have been done using scissors and maybe glue to keep each piece in place -over all, this image has been photographed (the woman's face), created, and then photographed again.

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...The Brevity of the Fall...

"Doubt is a drug dealer, standing on the corners of our mind, waiting to enslave you. Most of us are loyal customers with serious habits. Get sober today. Chase your negative thoughts away with affirmative ones. I can…I trust…I am…. Old habits die hard, so keep repeating, or writing them. When you’re no longer buying, they’ll be no more dealing." Yehuda Berg ATMOSPHERIC FORM - Swirling Winds

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21 Clever Tricks To Make Any Wedding So Much Easier

And use veil weights to keep the bride's headpiece from flying away.