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the sweetest little doxie face ever!..M.T. Not a big fan of this breed, but this IS the cutest little face! As a kid we had a litter of 6 puppies, from a mom who was part wire-fox terrier/part poodle and she was impregnated by our shih tzu AND a neighborhood dachshund, it was the cutest litter.One was a longhair dach. we called spider monkey and was the cutest thing ever,was very upset when we had to give it away to my sisters horrible boyfriend and he didn't keep it.

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(Open RP. Just jump in. Be Sam or Dean or both if you want) I was Sam and Deans brother. They were overprotective of me, I was only 19 after all. I was in a bar with them, my fake id read 21. This guy was chatting me up, buying me some drinks when suddenly Dean came over and pulled me away

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This piping plover may look like it has many legs, but it is taking its four newborns under its wing to keep them warm. Photographer Michael Milicia snapped away as the young shorebirds hid at Sandy Point State Reservation in Massachusetts.

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keke omo~ so if we are scared of something we would probably find them in our bedroom?? Ok?? ....... I am scared of Jungkook now so you better be in my room tomorrow

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This is a kind way to keep spiders out of your home and outside where they can do the most good gobbling up pesky insects!

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How to Make Citronella Candles with Eucalyptus

Keep the bugs and spiders away with homemade citronella candles. Add a little eucalyptus to your DIY candles to help keep spiders at bay, too. All you need is wax, wicks, a mason jar and essential oils to keep bugs away all summer long.

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Keep Spiders Away -Essential Oil, Peppermint (3-4 drops) -Essential Oil, Tea Tree (3-4 drops) -Dish Soap (3-4 drops) -White Vinegar (optional) (tablespoon) -put in spray bottle & add water

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Fear of spiders Spiders are in general not a loved species. But there is a difference between not liking them and feari…

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How to make a conker wreath

Conker wreaths make a beautiful Autmumal way to brighten up your door or hallway, I love spiders, but the rest of my family are petrified of them. Conkers are meant to keep them away. Did you know they also have moth repellent properties? Perfect for protecting your wardrobe.

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Gon is so adorable. "We should keep Kurapika away from spiders!" lol Hunter x Hunter haha I remember this episode! Stuck in the Trick Tower. Good times.

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