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I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! IF THIS HAPPENS IM GONNA DIE OF HAPPINESS! but I dont wanna die because I wanna see them perform and meet them

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Dead Boys vocalist Stiv Bators with CBGB owner Hilly Kristal’s trusty dog Jonathan, 1977.

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I talk to my family and friends about it anyway because I can't keep quiet so they'll have to listen to my rambling quite a bit

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heart 3 that I can pay off my student loans and buy my grandparents house so we don't have to sell it...

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Avoir assez de "temps" ( I keep my fingers crossed) pour faire un beau voyage un peu casse cou comme moi où lorsque je rentrerai je dirais, il fallait voir tout çà et j'y suis arrivée. #roadtrip #adventure.

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Morning Coats

Morning suit...keeping my fingers crossed when Paul tries one on, he likes it. He'd look so handsome and they are traditional but, I don't want him wearing something he doesn't like just to appease me. He has to like his outfit as much as I like mine.

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My uncle keeps saying it's not him, it's an accomplice or someone carrying on his image and I'm like NO IT'S HIM WHAT DO YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT HIM YOU KNOW NOTHING.

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Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats

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While irregular, naturally shaped crystals are beautiful, a polished, geometric stone evokes a powerful energy.

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I am waiting for the snow - this is my Irish Setter Hardy last year on the one day of the winter that a few snowflakes fell - the forecast today is for snow later & I am keeping my fingers crossed! #hopingforsnow

Funko Pop Supernatural Castiel with wings

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Have you already got snowed in? We are expecting some snow in London. I even saw a few proper little flakes amongst the sleet today! Keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend so we can go frolic in the snow again I hear it's gonna be a cold one


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43 Famous Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein quote - Perfect for my son who hates trying new things because he is complacent with what he knows.

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The Sundance Film Festival: 11 Days at the Center of the Indie World

Caity her, keeping my fingers crossed for her on the show.

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Nothing will keep me from trying again. I'll fall, walk through fires of my personal hell and I will rise once more.

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Patrick Jane x Theresa Lisbon. SO HARD IT HURTS. this season finally took a step in that direction, so im keeping my fingers crossed.

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