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"Layla & Majnun became a favourite subject of Mughal painting. When prevented from seeing Layla by her family, the distracted Majnun (‘Mad’, ‘Possessed by jinn’) becomes a solitary wanderer in the wilderness. He keeps company with wild animals, holding court among them like a human king. In this later scene, the now-married Layla pays a visit to Majnun in the wilderness. The emaciated Majnun receives her courteously, resting against a gruff-looking lion as his throne cushion."


WW1: Scottish soldiers in a trench. Note the dog keeping company. The group includes both kilted and regular pants riflemen.

from Brown Paper Bag

Delightful Ceramics to

Keep Company is a collaboration between Jen Collins and ceramicist Shaya Stevenson. Each piece is wheelthrown by Shaya and then glazed by Jen.


miyukiko: it’s been 2-3 years since I drew K Project..!!!  My old otp  +*+*  Kuroh and Yashirou I love black and white contrast pairs <3 (if you can’t tell already haha~)  So weird to look at my tumblr tag and see how my art has changed since then. It was drawn during a livestream so thanks for those who came to keep me company !