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Kawasaki built a time machine and stole a bike from the future

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2008 RACE READY KAWASAKI ZX-6 - #wera Kawasaki,bike,Brembo,kawasaki,race,track,zx-6

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Low Storage Rates and Great Move-In Specials! Look no further Everest Self Storage is the place when you’re out of space! Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Parking Available! Ideal for Classic Cars, Motorcycles, ATV’s & Jet Skies 626-288-8182

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What is the coolest 250cc single cylinder bike ever? (I never thought Id write that sentence!) Some say the SR250, some the Suzuki GN250 (have they ridden one?), no doubt some old guys will point to their once portable british oil leak and say they dont make them like used too. There is a reason for that bozo Anyway, back to 250cc single cylinder coolness. This bike started out as a Kawasaki TR250 and has been customised by Jet Motorcycles of Japan who are p…

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