what the fuck is this

How To Control Your Thoughts For The Law Of Attraction

People who don't know anything about mental illness should shut their fucking mouths about it.

Although I'm not completely for the "antidepressants are to depression sufferers what insulin is to diabetics" argument, Katie Hopkins needs a talking to and to be only allowed on the internet or wider media with supervision.

The ignorance is astonishing. Depression is a REAL THING, people. Depressed folks aren't just "sad" or "emo." Just because you can't see a disease doesn't mean it's fake.

Does Katie Hopkins deserve a seat at the table? Angie has some choice words for British bigot Katie Hopkins, who hates the poor, new mothers and, most importantly, fatties. Say hello to this horrible, horrible human.

Whether you love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins is here to stay. The opinionated Apprentice contestant made her way into the mainstream media by being outspoken on all matters .

A conduit for truth, British  newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins declares what others think but are scared to say. Based on the Rochdale sex trafficking case of several dozen white children, victims of 9 Pakistani men, she  objected to Rochdale's celebration of National Pakistan Day. She posted images of the felons, and Labour MP Simon Danczuk reported her for race hate crimes. In response, Hopkins said "I asked fair questions and think it is important that someone has the balls to speak…

No one seems to think things through on this subject. They just want to get out there and act like they are fighting for something without even realizing what exactly they are fighting for!

Katie Hopkins Bitchiest Moments

No one in the media has ever made me laugh more than Katie Hopkins. Her harshness and the way she expresses her strong opinions is completely comical. I agre.

Katie Hopkins  gives it to CNN straight. CNN replies - "It seems like we’ve just entered a post-fact world where no matter what we say to you, you will actually deny facts and then fabricate quotes and then put them in my mouth." Isn't funny how all left wing sycophants accuse the other side of precisely what they do - look at the constant referencing Nazis, yet it is their behaviour mirroring the National Socialists.

‘Your Clinton news network is BIASED’ Katie Hopkins in astonishing row with CNN presenter

THIS is the astonishing moment Katie Hopkins launched a seething attack on a CNN reporter, as she accused the broadcasting network of being biased.

Katie Hopkins' Talking Head from Firebox.com

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