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Steven Avery Juror Says Two Jurors Were Related to County Employees

Dismissed Steven Avery Juror Tells PEOPLE Jury Members Were Related to a Local Cop and a County Employee


Making A Murderer Season 2: Kathleen Zellner Replaced? -

Steven Avery Update: Kathleen Zellner Blames Old Defense For 'Ineffective Assistance' -


Steven Avery's New Lawyer Thinks It's "Fairly Obvious" Who Really Killed Teresa Halbach

Making A Murderer Kathleen Zellner Who Really Did It | Attorney Kathleen Zellner told The LipTV that she plans to prove who really killed Teresa Halbach. #refinery29


‘Making A Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Lawyer Thinks It’s Fairly Obvious Who Really Killed Teresa Halbach

Kathleen Zellner was chosen as Chicago Lawyer Magazine's Person of the Year in 2014. Responsible for 17 exonerations in US

Kathleen Zellner's first wrongful conviction case sheds light on her legal strategies.