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{{Kat McNamara}} "I'm Marie. I only knew Sophia through my friend Vanessa. I was at the cafe the night it happened though. I only know a few details of the story. I'm trying to avoid drama and this whole thing. I have to focus on boxing."


Katherine McNamara Supports Girl Up SchoolCycle Campaign: Photo #898854. Katherine McNamara looks stunning as she flings a deck of cards in an image from a new photo shoot. Earlier this week, 19-year-old Shadowhunters actress attended…


Someone help me spread the gossip: That loser Violet punched me in the nose after she used me to cheat on her girlfriend. Who does she think she is? -Lyra


(Open rp with Autumn) me and you met outside the castle, when we suddenly hear noises coming from the bushes. "What can that be?" Asks you, and I bow down, and pick up something "Aw... It was just a puppy" I say and show it to you "I wonder what it's doing here all by itself?"