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Blue Velvet Gown (Rose) Ensemble from Titanic. It is made by Franklin Mint. Please note: dress form not included....

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Titanic. You should see my mum recreating the "king of the world" moment in the living room - priceless!

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Famous Brits in New York: Portraits by Jason Bell

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful, talented women in Hollywood. Kate Winslet, a classic beauty.

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Just smile :)

This is an image done by using low-key lighting in color,it differences from other images because is not in black and white. like when you think of the mood you want to give out,for me black and white is more intense even sinister.The color makes it look like is overwhelmed with happy emotions. I like the effect of the technique which is Chiaroscuro. I love low key mages whether is in black and white or in color since both express different emotions .

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Titanic – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Movie

Titanic Movie - The detail that went into Titanic will never be surpassed! The costuming down to the machinery that ran the boat…unbelievable! And besides, everyone fell in love with Jack and Rose :)

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I remember the lines from this scene in the movie!! "You have a gift, Jack. You do. You see people." Rose says. "I see you," Jack states. "And?" Rose askes. "You wouldn't of jumped." Jack says.

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Rose- Titanic She jumps back on a sinking ship, rescues Jack with an ax, gets itnon in the back seat, survives a wreck and lives to be damn near 100. Oh yeah she doesn't have a gun but she's a badass.

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Titanic - I've always been fascinated with stories, pictures and history involvlng the Titanic.

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