Karl urban

Karl Urban yum <== I have to pin this so the next time I see him walking around St Luke's in his bare feet I can go "yea but he scrubs up nice."

I hate that New Zealand gets Karl Urban and Utah gets.seagulls and salt water taffy.

Karl Urban | Almost Human...His eyes, his mouth...I want him >-

Karl Urban Goes Over the Rainbow for The Wonder

Karl Urban - Thanks Miss Tara after a rubbish day that worked a treat!

Karl Urban - Thought he was great in Lord of the Rings, but it was his portrayal of Dr. McCoy in the new Star Trek movies that really got my attention. Such a fantastic actor! Favorite Movie(s) - Lord of the Rings;

OMG, how can anyone resist? Like... are you surprised Thomas wants this? Jim wants this?

Karl Urban in The Loft. OMG Can we have a scene like this in the next Star Trek movie PLZ!

Karl Urban. SubCategory A: I Cannot. I, In All Actuality, Have Lost Any And All Ability to Can.  SubCategory B: Are You Satisfied Now, Karl? Because You Certainly Appear Satisfied. Also, You Could Help Satisfy Me. I Mean... Wut. SubCategory C: Seriously Though. This Button Allergy, Karl... This Button Allergy Must Never Be Cured.

Karl Urban - I can't even! Still suffering from the button allergy. God bless him!