(What Does Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphinx Tell Us? by Hrag Vartanian on May 9, 2014  19  photos of Kara Walker's "Subtlety" by the author for Hyperallergic)

Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphinx by Hrag Vartanian on May 2014 19 photos of Kara Walker's "Subtlety" by the author for Hyperallergic

Kara Walker. Because her artwork is stunning and emotional. One of our F|S fellows is currently working on a book about her and I am so looking forward to reading it.

Born: Stocktown, CA 1969 She critically addresses race, gender, sexuality & power

Kara Walker  LOVE her work...telling a story in an original way

Almost Political By Accident: Artist Kara Walker

Whitney Museum of American Art: Kara Walker: Mistress Demanded Swift and Dramatic Empathetic Reaction Which We Obliged Her

Artist: Kara Walker  Kara Walker is an American Artist known for her bold exploration into race, culture and gender and identity issues. You might not have remembered her name, but surely I can recall you to her work once I show you those explosive black silhouettes resembling paper cut-outs that she’s most known for

'You Do' by American artist Kara Walker Cut paper on canvas, 55 x 49 in. via Art + Culture

Kara Walker (born November 26, 1969) is a contemporary African-American artist who explores race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity in her work. Description from pixgood.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Kara Walker

Kara Walker, Slavery Cut black paper with pencil, pressure-sensitive tape, metal fasteners, and string on paperboard


Kara Walker Three Sentries Cotton Fed Contemporary She is best known for her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes.

Kara Walker<strong><br />Title of Work:</strong> Untitled<br /><strong><br />Medium:</strong> Paper on canvas<br /><strong>Year:</strong> 1994<br /><strong></strong><strong>Dimensions:</strong> 10" x 10" (d)<br /><strong>Photo Line:</strong> Courtesy ..., Kara Walker, (b 1969).

Kara Walker Title of Work: Untitled Medium: Paper on canvas Year: 1994 Dimensions: x (d) Photo Line: Courtesy ., Kara Walker, (b