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Adorable Orphaned Kangaroo Hugs Teddy Bear In Viral Photo. We Can't Make This Stuff Up

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A wallaby mum and joey. Joeys will stay in the pouch until they have all their fur and are able to jump by themselves. Some bigger joeys still like the comfort of mum's pouch.

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Not sure how I came across this but am I the only one who finds this baby wombat weirdly cute?!

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Unioak's Bridget Bridget is a lovely blue otter and was bred here out of Honey and Rico. She had a beautiful 'snowball' coat when she was a baby and as she grew she developed the most beautiful...

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Awwww.........LITTLE ROOS FAVORITE TEDDY BEAR, "BARNABEE"..............ccp

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Daddy's little joey: The little orphaned kangaroo Indi getting hugs from Chris 'Brogla' Barns

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rain forest animals | Rainforest Endangered Animals, Endangered Tropical . Rainforests ...

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In the wild, being able to glide means the animals are able to reach for food and even esc...

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