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Kanazawa, the Japanese City Time Almost Forgot

Higashi Chaya looks like a sound stage for a 19th-century costume drama: There’s not a single visible power line to distract visitors from its vintage ambience.


Kanazawa Guide - Japan

#Kanazawa Guide - tips and recommendations for your next #holiday in #Japan!


A visit to Kenrokouen Garden in Kanazawa

Take a look at one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, Kenrokouen Garden in Kanazawa. Let's travel to Japan!

What To Eat In Kanazawa!? : Top 12 Eats In The City

The capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa is a marsh of the city’s unique flavours and hospitable people. Found on the coast adjacent to the Sea of Japan, you can expect the freshest seafoo...