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Kali Yantra. For thousands of years, yantras have been used in the Tantric tradition as visual metaphors for the body of the divine. As expressions of devotion and contemplation, they are similar to Tibetan mandalas in that meditation upon them is tantamount to returning to the primordial fiat of one’s being. Because yantras are comprised of archetypal geometric forms and shapes, they are believed to offer liberation from bondage.


Kali Yantra. The symbol of Feminine energy-strength, power and clarity.


Kali Yantra is very powerful and is for the worship of Goddess Kali. This Yantra…


Lakshmi Yantra - Radiant Orchid - 2014 Color of the Year


Kali - Hindu Goddess who liberates souls


Kālī - feminine form of kālam ("black, dark coloured"). Kāla means "time" and "black", being first creation before light itself. Kalika Purana depicts as "Adi Shakti" (Fundamental Power) "Para Prakriti", beyond nature. Conveys death, destruction, the consuming aspects of reality - a "forbidden thing". Transformation. Distillation of divine wrath into a goddess of salvation, who rids the sadhaka of ignorance & fear. Kali appears as a symbol of triumph over death.