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Photographs taken over the last five years by Hans Silvester, a German photographer, document the extraordinary body painting of the Surma and Mursi peoples of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. Semi-nomadic warriors, they live primarily by keeping large herds of cattle; their only Western accessory seems to be the Kalashnikov rifles they trade with Sudanese tribes.

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RPK which is an AK variant w/Drum,chambered in 7.62 X 39 which is the same round used in the AK and SKS. Woof.

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Ok, this is pushing the limits of a defensive revolver. Make no mistake though, it is deadly and 5 black powder rounds is better than none. Not everyone can own a modern firearm, and this could be of benefit to some. Colt 1851 Navy in Combat Black Buffalo Tactical.

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Not only "AK-47" personal favorite the AK 15

Not only "AK-47"

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