Kagerou Project - Mekaku City Actors.  I already know i posted this i just need it for refrence and closer at the top so i can see it better cuz cba to scroll down ~~ too busy to do it ~~ teehee (^ν^) (^з^)-☆

I just pinned this so I can memorize their names. It's impossible to get their names straight just going off of the music videos. xD-----manga vs anime makes it even more confusing. I read the manga before watching the anime

Mekakucity Actors was such a great anime to me

I finished Mekaku City Actors yesterday! i love the art style and the music in the anime (:

Kagerou Project

Kagerou Project

"Outer Science"~this song is really dark and from what I gather from YouTube comments, the story is even darker than what's revealed in the song (I'm reading the manga and I'm gonna read the light novel, but it isn't released in the US yet T-T)

Mekakucity Actors Thankfully he's wearing all black so those blood stains should be too noticeable.