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British Toad in the Hole! It's a delicious easy dinner, with sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding (a.k.a. pop overs). Goes great with some homemade onion gravy. Always a hit with the whole family, easy to make and oh so good!


Leather Craft Rectangle Punch Hole Tools Most Model Puncher Tools 48K Diy Usa!!!

Vintage BAUSCH & LOMB B&L 1/10 12K Gold Filled Bullet hole Shooting Glasses

200/1000 Pcs White Mini 2 Holes Cordlock Stopper Toggle S Size For 2Mm Rope K141

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Once anything ( including light ) is pulled in by the black holes extreme gravity / akin to a rivers Rapids / there is no escape / the singularity sends everything swallowed into oblivion down a cosmic sink plug hole /probably into another dimensional universe ? We will NEVER know for sure obviously as everything entering gets 'spegettified' as enters the 'gates of hell ' black hole and if enough mass enters to FEED the black hole / resultant friction = heat = light = turns into a bright…


LAST ONE Steampunk Alice art print - limited edition

Pisceans can be overwhelmed with the static of savage reality and seek relief in the mystical world of drug and alcohol use. The house is the Piscean home, and this is where our aura becomes...