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280 Coup, 2012 © Justine Kurland, from the book Highway Kind.


"Justine Kurland, known for her idyllic portraits of girl runaways, commune hippies, and mothers with their children, spends most of the year on the road, a traveler searching out other travelers."


Justine Kurland’s photographs addressed a particularly American view of adolescence, one founded upon restlessness and the myth of the frontier. In pictures of slumber parties held in gravel quarries and girls camping in roadside marshes, Kurland emphasized the between state of adolescence by locating her narratives in those uncharted spaces of questionable ownership that edge suburbia


#ICPfaculty member Justine Kurland is on Michael Mack's list of "10 Best" for 2016 in The British Journal of Photography​. Her book "Highway Kind" is published by Aperture.

Justine Kurland lecture poster, 2012. -------------- I like how this piece appears traditional but is a very subtle distortion of a serif face, combining different type sizes, obliques and italics with varying size ascenders and descenders that integrate well with the photographic background