justin bieber is mine and lots of others insparation. he is all about helping people. justin is my world and everything i belieb in. i lovee you justin!!! i know why god made you... because he knew that u could make a difference!

I was born to be somebody, aint nothing that's ever gonna stop me. I'm gonna rise above, show em what i'm made of. I was born to be somebody, i was born to beeeee, this world belongs to me!

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Justin Bieber — PICS

Justin Bieber closed the Annual Desert Smash tennis tournament (hosted by Will Ferrell) with a stunning acoustic set on Tuesday evening.

IMAGINE: One day you get a facetime call from Justin. You know that he is somewhere doing a tour. You answer it. 5 minutes later: "I miss you. I love you babe." You choke up with : I love you to babe. Be safe.

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justinbieber, slave, taken. I woke up and found Justin sitting on my bed.