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Ha. Somebody feelin me? I wanna cry. But it's only stupid if it's just tryna stop some talks hurtin my head damnm. So No. I'd rather cry like diamonds.


Well... if situational murder was legalized, we'd all be dead probably.

from the Guardian

Destination morgue: James Ellroy spills LA's crime scene secrets – in pictures

Attempted robbery/justifiable homicide, Crenshaw, 7 August. This guy was a wayward marine. He needed mullah because he had a boss babe back at his swinging pad and he figured armed robbery, why not? He miscalcuated: the proprietor of the store shot through the one-way glass and nailed him. It’s very much wrong place, wrong time: the liquor store had been robbed the night before. Our marine died wearing white gloves, a white panama hat and a bandana. It’s a high-hazard duty being an armed…