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I love fairy tales • I'm going to go to sleep. • I forgot to do homework • Okay so I didn't forgot I just refused to do it • Okay I didn't refuse to do it I procrastinated and now it's 11.06pm and I'm tired • • #QUESTION what fairy tale would u want to live in? • • Idk maybe the little mermaid (does that countis it when a fairy tale? Tbh I don't know or care cos I love the little mermaid)


HEY GUYS PLS FOLLOW ME KELLY M.C, AND I WILL FOLLOW U BACK THX!!!!!!! ALSO FOLLOW SABRINA CARPENTER TOO!!! Her official account is Sabrina Carpenter✔️. Sabrina Carpenter is so amazing and shines bright as a role Model for all of us. she is so beautiful and talented and let no one tell her otherwise!!! WE ALL LUV YOU AND SUPPORT YOU SABRINA!!!!!!!!! And guys if you haven't seen Sabrina Carpenters new song 'On Purpose' pls go see it!!! It is so awesome just like all of her songs!!


Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward. ~ Yvon Chomnard. It's just getting back to what's important .

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More? (The Good Vibe)

I don't believe in this. Stopping yourself from thinking about something is stupid and then pushing it aside aka letting it go because you aren't letting it go. You're not completely moving on nor figuring out how to because you stopped yourself from thinking about how to.