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As the remnants of summer linger, providing warm and sunny weather, it may seem hard to consider a fall home maintenance plan.

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Nevada Supreme Court: No right to jury trial in domestic violence case

A Southern Nevada man convicted of domestic violence was not entitled to a trial by jury because his crime was not serious enough, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

'Star Trek' fan film loses fair use case, moves to jury trial -

Mr. Bhatt successfully tried hundreds of bench and jury trials related to weapons charges, drug offenses, animal crimes, violent crimes, thefts and gang related offenses. Mr. Bhatt’s firsthand experience with the methods

Penrith man admits blackmail charge A MAN has appeared at Carlisle Crown Court and admitted a charge of blackmail.

A jury trial date was set Tuesday in the case of a Lamar County teen facing first-degree murder charges in the December 2014 death of his grandmother.

Long Island man, guilty of rape, accused of tampering with jury

A Long Island psychiatrist convicted of raping a patient is now accused of attempting to sway the jury during his trial.

Houston Lesbian Mayor Brings New Assault: Claims Pastors have no Right to a Jury Trial. --------------------------------------------------- This witch got a boatload of Bibles over this. She now needs a boatload of the Constitutions and the Bill of Rights sent to her.

The Magna Carta Explained: Global History Review Chapter 2; Roots of Democracy, HipHughs Habeus Corpus, Jury Trial, 6th Amendment, No Taxation w/o Representation, Parliament, Separation of Church/State, Divine Right of Kings, Robin Hood

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