Image 24. Jurassic Park- Steven Spielberg. This was one of the most memorable Fantasy/Science Fiction films in popular culture to date. Although heavily designed with CGI, the world that was created by Spielberg and the team who made Jurassic Park are reminiscent of his style- otherworldly, semi-abstract yet believable. I want to create a world like this for my character, using my design ideas, props and photography.

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heart 2 Okay not quite creepy, but potentially terrifying to an unsuspecting person.

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A Track by Track Review Of La La Land Record's Expanded Score of Jurassic Park: The Lost World | The Bearded Trio

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In celebration of Jurassic World...I give you my Jurassic Park montage movie poster. Hope you guys like it. Ivan Nunez killed it with the colors yet again. Lines: Colors: Lineart:...

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Brazilian, old. This blog is dedicated to and Wincest (Supernatural). I'm a slasher and you'll see a lot of gay porn here. No wives. I'm a Dean/Jensen lover but I love Jared too and I don't support any kind of disrespect with him....

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