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Marianne North (24 October 1830 – 30 August 1890) was a prolific English Victorian naturalist and botanical artist, notable for her plant and landscape paintings, her extensive foreign travels, her writings, her plant discoveries and the creation of her gallery at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Commandos of 1st Special Service Brigade after landing on Queen Red beach, Sword area. (June 6, 1944). Source: Imperial War Museums, B 5075.


Juno spacecraft/space mission | Today, on 4th July, Juno is performing Jupiter Orbit Insertion burn, putting the spacecraft into highly elliptical polar orbit around Jupiter. | Juno spacecraft, launched in August 2011 from Cape Canaveral on top of Atlas V rocket. Learn more about Juno mission:

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10 Real-Life Female Spies Who Deserve Their Own Movie Franchises

Nancy Grace Augusta Wake AC GM (30 August 1912 – 7 August 2011) served as a British agent during the later part of World War II. She became a leading figure in the maquis groups of the French Resistance and was one of the Allies' most decorated servicewomen of the war.

Anne Murray. *Birthday 20 June (1945)* - first Canadian female solo singer to reach No. 1 on the U.S. charts. Anne Murray is the winner of four Grammys (including one in the pop category), three American Music Awards, three CMA Awards, and a record 24 Juno Awards.